Taimur feeling neglected as most reporters are busy covering the biggest fight of the year, the one between Tiger Shroff and Meerkat

26, Jul 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

‘It’s Taimur’s first Holi, Diwali or Eid’, ‘It’s Taimur’s first Pizza’, Taimur’s first this, that and blah blah… How many times have we come across such headlines? But not anymore. We finally have some competition now. Reporters are busy covering the fight between Tiger Shroff and Meerkat, the one which started after Tiger was roped in for the promotion of Kia Motor’s first car launch in India. This turn of events has left the star kiddo feeling neglected. Never saw that coming.

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Every media house has now joined the race to be the first one to get some exclusive information about the battle between Tiger and Meerkat. It all started when journalists were covering Taimur as they usually do every other day. But he, instead of posing for the cameras was busy looking at his phone screen, which on further probing showed that he was looking at the tweets of Tiger and Meerkat. When the reporters understood the fact that even Taimur is too engrossed in the Tiger-Meerkat banter, they soon disappeared from the scene and started collecting more info about the biggest social media fight of 2019.

Actually, in the latest Kia Motors ad for its India offering ‘Seltos’, Tiger Shroff is seen endorsing the car and we have covered in our previous stories how Meerkat wanted to become an integral part of the launch and also the Project Badass which will be Kia’s theme in the upcoming launches. Meerkat tried every bit to impress Johnny, the designer of Kia cars seen in many of their teasers. But all in vain, and when he came to know about Tiger’s role in #ProjectBadass he took it very seriously and hence started the fight on social media which has become the talk of the town.

Have a look at what Tiger and Meerkat are up to in their innocent yet serious fight.

Media houses are running polls for their audiences to choose sides in this fight. Betting syndicates are focussing their energies on making people bet on the outcome of this fight. There is no mention of Taimur in the news websites for the past 2-3 days, and that duration may increase given more and more people are attracted towards the Tiger-Meerkat fight. Other thing related to Kia Motors which is the talk of the town is that Seltos which opened for booking on 16th July, 2019 witnessed an industry record of 6,046 units booked within 24 hours.

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