Taimur photos captured by drones will be home delivered to you: Uddhav promises delivery of essential items to journalists

16, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai.  Uddhav Thackeray was under severe pressure after the Bandra gathering. He had to answer a lot of questions related to essential items delivery for the migrant laborers and also to people stuck in houses without ration.


One more issue which was raised was that of the photo journalists who were worried about their mental health after not receiving any photos of Taimur in the past couple of days. Hence Uddhav promised that photos of Taimur will be captured from Drones and will be home delivered to the reporters. He also requested the journalists to not step out of their house as the best quality Taimur photos will be home delivered without any charges.

The journalists were pretty happy after the announcement. Some journalists who don’t have groceries at their homes were also happy as finally, they will get something they live upon. Drones have been released and will capture good photos of the Chhote Nawab. The Maha govt has also requested Saif-Kareena to keep Taimur on the terrace for some time so they can get some clear photos of him.