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Taimur plays badminton with dad, Media highlights the struggle of a star kid facing a player much older than him

09, Aug 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai:If you thought Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi is only a camera-friendly baby, well, think again. The little boy is a Pataudi and hence, sports is bound to be in his DNA. In a new picture, that has appeared online, Taimur can be seen with a badminton racket. Yes, Taimur is taking some big strides already in Bollywood and very soon Karan Johar may launch him. But playing badminton is not fun, it is, in fact, a struggle if you are facing a player much older than you and someone who has more knowledge of the game. This is the struggle star kids go through. And we should thank ‘Boom’ TV for coming out with a story that highlights this struggle.


What we see in pictures is Taimur holding a badminton racket in his hand, but what we don’t know is the mental struggle he has to go through in playing against a player with more than double his height and much older than him. That’s a clear-cut advantage. A normal kid doesn’t have to go through such grind. But being a star kid Taimur has to regularly play against his Dad, Uncles, Mom and many others in Bollywood. In fact, Karan Johar, the quintessential Star Maker of Bollywood is trying to come up with a biopic idea on Taimur.

Faking News reporter spoke to Karan and he had this to say, ” Look, even at a small age, Taimur has seen much more in life than we could have ever done at our age. Taimur has to deal with media, compete with other star kids and also maintain the name of Pataudi family. All these are a real struggle and I am not making it up. The scripting process is on and soon we will finalize a script for his launch.”