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Taking a cue from uncle Aamir, Imran Khan to do only one flop film a year

21, Sep 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Basking in the failure of his recent film Katti Batti, actor cum Aamir Khan’s nephew Imran Khan has decided that he will do only one flop film at a time.

Arguing that it takes lot of effort and hardwork to make even a flop film and that it is not as easy and silly as it looks, Imran has decided to take a cue from uncle Aamir Khan who consciously does just one film at a time.

Imran says that unlike uncle Aamir who delivers blockbusters, his forte is giving flops and claims that doing more than one film could be disastrous, resulting in one of them turning out to be hits.

Imran looking worried about Kangana's presence in Katti Batti during shooting. Luckily for him she could not hamper the failure of it.
Imran looking worried about Kangana’s presence in Katti Batti during shooting. Luckily for him she could not hamper the failure of it.

“To make a good flop film, one has to work on so many aspects of filmmaking to make sure none of those turn out right,” Imran, now sitting on a hat-trick of flops, told FN reporter. “In the process of doing more films, I may end up giving nod to one of those scripts that actually have a potential to become hit. I mean I know that I can still act the way I do and make the film flop, but it is very risky and not guaranteed.”

“Also I have realized that not everybody is gifted like Abhishek Bachchan, who can work of several flop films at a time and yet maintains impeccable flop record year after year,” he further added.

Imran revealed that he took this decision after looking at the decent opening Katti Batti got on Friday. The actor blamed co-actor Kangana Ranaut for the mishap and vowed not to do a film with her again.

“To be honest, I had a minor scare looking at the opening day collection of Katti Batti, which kinda gave an indication that it could turn out to be an above average affair, but thankfully the collections dropped. Even otherwise I was confident as all my past films have opened decently only to fall later,” he disclosed.

“I need to iron this good opening weakness out of my system,” he admitted.

Meanwhile veteran flop actors Aftab Shivdasani, Dino Morea, Fardeen Khan etc to name a few have warned Imran of choosing this path.

“We too decided to do just one flop film a year, but look where this decision has brought us. Now we have not a single film in hand. We would advise him to work in as many flop scripts as he can and make the best out of this non-purple patch that he is going through,” they said in unison.