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If Taran Adarsh checks it, I’ll get min 60 marks says a student who wrote only the questions on answer paper

01, Nov 2017 By dasu

Patna: Manish Yadav, an economics student of Patna university, could not understand any of the questions. He just wrote the questions on his answer sheet and got pass marks of 35.

taran adarsh

However, Manish is disappointed with class teacher. Manish, whose life revolves around movies and movie reviews, feels if a ‘benevolent’ person like movie critic Taran Adarsh would have checked his answer paper, he would have scored at least 60 marks.

“I am closely tracking Taran Adarsh’s movie reviews for last so many years. A person like me who can tolerate most of the movies, there are some where sitting inside theatres for more than 2 hours is a torture for me too. To give you some examples, movies like Sajid Khan’s Humshakals or recent ones like Patel Ki Shaadi for which some critics have given zero stars, Taran will gave two to three stars minimum,” said Manish showcasing his years of experience on movie watching and movie reviewing.

“Taran has not given bad ratings to any movie till now. It’s like our MP from Patna Sahib Lok Sabha constituency, Shatrughan Sinha Ji who has not liked a single action of current NDA government led by PM Modi,” said Manish.

We spoke to Taran Adarsh to find the reason behind his benevolent ways, “I am not mechanical in my movie reviews like the school teacher who gave 36 marks to a student for writing erotic stories on his answer sheet. Do you know how much effort goes behind movie making? Critics need to be little more considerate while reviewing and watch it from their ‘heart’ not mind.”

Mr. Adarsh added, “I give box office collection figures for every movie through my twitter account. If something is not doing well, I give figures in lakhs or thousands instead of crores so that the distributors or producer feel ‘little’ better”.

It’s not only Manish, students of CBSE and other boards in India are hoping they get more and more teachers like ‘Taran Adarsh’ to check their board exam papers this year.