Saturday, 28th March, 2020


Tarzan madly in love with Kiara Advani after checking out Daboo-Ratnani’s calendar, possible face-off with Kabir Singh expected

20, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

Kiara Advani’s topless pic in Dabboo Ratnani’s calendar created quite a storm on the internet. While most social media users took the opportunity to turn the pic into memes, Tarzan seems to be smitten with the Bollywood actress.

daboo r final

It is not known yet how Tarzan got hands on the calendar but sources say that the man from the wild hasn’t been his usual self after laying his eyes on the calendar.

A wild boar that our reporter spoke to said, “He used to swing from trees and give us the ‘jungle call’. But since yesterday, all he does is stare at that pic. Even the threat of a possible face-off with Kabir Singh has not had any effect on him.”

Apparently, Tarzan has plans to get Kiara to the jungle and propose marriage. He is even planning to build a wall to keep Kabir Singh off limits.

“Tarzan was digging a lot of mud and collecting rocks. I was not sure what that was all about as Trump wasn’t going to come here and there are no slums in the jungle to hide anyway. But it seems the wall is for that psycho Kabir Singh,” revealed an elephant.

Fearing that the face-off could turn into an ugly fight, Tarzan is doing his best to educate himself on how humans fight.

Spending time watching debates on Indian news channels has given him good insights of how to go about fighting with a human.

Meanwhile, speculations of Bear Grylls shooting an episode that covered the fight was put to rest by the man himself. “Too busy shooting with politicians and celebs right now,” he replied when questioned by our reporter.