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Telangana appoints Dhoni as brand ambassador after he left 5-star hotel for denying him Biryani

19, Sep 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

Hyderabad. It seems Sania Mirza has again dropped out after success in first round. She has been replaced as the brand ambassador of Telangana by MS Dhoni, whose appointment was announced by the state government earlier today.

The Indian cricket captain was found worthy of the role after his love for Hyderabadi Biryani was discovered by the entire India as he walked out of a 5-star hotel with his team after being denied home-cooked biryani sent by fellow cricketer Ambati Rayudu.

MS Dhoni
Dhoni is known to love his food

“No one else has shown such strong love and intensity for biryani as Dhoni has. He didn’t care about what people would think of his actions, or if his action could strain commercial relations of BCCI with its travel partners. In fact, BCCI too supported him and proved to the world that Hyderabadi Biryani was priceless,” Telangana Chief Minister KCR explained.

“Perception matters for celebrities and commerce matters for BCCI, but they put Biryani before these things,” KCR was all praise for Dhoni and BCCI, “We decided to reward this love and hence from now on, MS Dhoni will be the brand ambassador of Telangana.”

When asked what happens to the earlier decision of making Sania Mirza the brand ambassador, the Telangana Chief Minister asked the Faking News reporter not to disrespect Telangana else he will bury us deep in the ground.

However, sources say that the state government could learn from BCCI and declare Sania Mirza a “Telangana Enthusiast” to adjust Dhoni and to compensate her loss.

“KCR can’t risk appearing communal,” a source explained.

Sources further disclose that the state government had thought of make a biryani lover the brand ambassador of the state earlier too, but they couldn’t find the right candidate.

“Till now, the only person known for his love of biryani was Kasab. Obviously we couldn’t have chosen him!” a state government representative said, “Thank god that Dhoni took this step and the nation and biryani got a deserving candidate.”

In an unrelated incident, various rice and cooking oil companies have approached Dhoni with endorsement proposals after his public display of affection for biryani.