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Telecom company replies to Pritam's complaint of not getting a dialer tone saying they are afraid he might copy it

05, Oct 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: In a shocking incident which happened in Mumbai, a telecom company has pruned the dialer tone from the mobile phone of music director Pritam. Every mobile phone handset gets dialer tone when someone dials a number. But for Pritam, the service was pruned last week when the company realized that he may copy it and make a song out of it. Pritam-Chakaborty-1900x-1024x683

The whole incident came to light on Thursday when Pritam got a reply email from the telecom company. Actually, one week back when Pritam realized that whenever he dials a number he was not able to listen to any dialer tone, he registered a complaint at the IIN network. IIN network engineers did s thorough investigation and found out that dialer tone services are stopped for Anu Malik, Pritam, and some other music directors. This was after some strict orders from the top brass who felt that the dialer tone if made into a hit song by Pritam, will become so viral that people will think that Pritam has made it and will give all credit to Pritam.

The IIN network is now making a list of people who copy tweets, music, projects and other important things to make sure that such people don’t get caller tunes, dialer tones and other such type of services which they can then use for their benefits.

Pritam spoke to Faking News and he had this to say, ” I am not saying that I don’t copy tunes, but why should I copy a dialer tone. Do you think the tune of Dialer tone can be made into a Bollywood song? It’s impossible. In fact. I had tried it once but it didn’t happen. I have assured the telecom company that I won’t copy the dialer tone.