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‘Temple Run’ addict loses 20 Kg weight to perform better in the game

18, Apr 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Ganesh Gupta, a veteran player and addict of famous mobile game Temple Run, lost 20 Kg weight just in order to improve his performance in the game.

Not much happy with his scores, Ganesh, who earlier weighed 85 Kg, tried various tricks to get the best results.

Temple Run
Anything for you.

“I felt that my body weight was having negative impact on the run, as I was facing difficulties, especially while making 90 degree turn,” Ganesh explained the logic behind his decision of losing weight.

As per Ganesh, the character in the game had started believing that he too was overweight and thus not making sharp turns and failing just after 20 seconds of run.

“It is working both ways,” Ganesh claimed, “Just like mobiles and apps are having impact on our real lives, our real lives are also having impact on the mobiles and mobile applications.”

“Guess that temple runner came under the effect of some kind of psychological weight transfer; he was gaining more momentum while running. Despite being directed to take a right or left turn, most of the time he was unable to stop himself from jumping straight into the valley,” Ganesh explained.

To lose weight, Ganesh not only started running in real life, but he also reduced his daily diet by spending more time on playing Temple Run. Whenever he felt hungry, he used to start playing the game, which allowed him to forget hunger and lose weight.

Ganesh believed that by making game’s character run more and more, he was helping him too, to reduce his weight. “For a month, I played Temple Run even while jogging. Both of us used to run with a common goal,” Ganesh revealed why he used to suddenly take turns and bump into other people jogging in the local park.

However, Ganesh’s girlfriend was not that happy to see Ganesh losing weight for a game.

“I kept pushing him for last two years to wake up early in the morning and go for jogging, but he ignored my advice every single time. But, now he is doing all this for a mere video game! I am feeling so ignored, I don’t think it’s working out,” sobbed Ganesh’s girlfriend.

But Ganesh is not too worried over the possibility of his girlfriend dumping him. He is hopeful that by posting his new highest Temple Run score on Facebook, he would be able to attract few girls from his friends list.