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Ten things that you can learn from Baahubali movie

27, Jul 2015 By manithan

Baahubali, which was released a fortnight ago worldwide and had won many laurels, is not just a brilliant movie with hair-raising graphic scenes. The movie has many inner meanings that can be visible to you, only if you read this article before you go to watch it. You can also read this, if you have already watched it. We have listed ten things that can be learnt from Baahubali (includes the reason why Katappa killed Baahubali):

1-You can climb a mountain with bare hands, if you go behind a girl: The character Sivu, played by young Prabhas, tries to scale the mountain for years, yet he slips and falls down without breaking any bones or muscle tear. But, one day, he gets hold of a mask and is confident that the mask belongs to a girl and is highly confident that the girl looks like Tamannah (because they won’t cast not so good-looking girls in movies). Eager to meet the owner of mask and lured by a pretty Tamannah, he climbs the mountain with just bare hands. That is why, our Indian boys and men go behind girls but sadly, they could not even climb prison walls with bare hands after that.

The common men of Mahishmathi are not fools. With this image, they are shouting that 'Baahubali - Ballala same same' and 'Baahubali ke hath, Ballala ke saath'. Not only that, they also say that Baahubali is a Sivagami agent
The common man of Mahishmathi is not a fool. With this image, the people are shouting ‘Baahubali – Ballala same same’ and ‘Baahubali ka hath, Ballala ke saath’. Not only that, they also say that Baahubali is a Sivagami agent

2-You can move Hindu places of worship but other’s become disputed properties: Before he gets hold of the mask, Sivu moves a huge and heavy ShivLingam from its fixed place to the bottom of waterfall. Though he claims that he did it for his mother, you should dig deep to find out the hidden truth. If it was a place of worship belonging to a religion other than Hinduism, the movie till then would had been showed repeatedly in newsreels with future politicians asking for death sentence of Sivu whenever anyone else is hanged. Moreover, it would have become a disputed property.

3-You can change an ‘ugly looking girl’ to a ‘pretty looking girl’ by fighting with her: Normally, most of the couple fights start because the woman takes time to do make up and the impatient husband blows it out of proportion. But, in this movie, Sivu changes Tamannah, who looks like her original self, to a Tamannah that we see in screen, by not being a Shahnaz Hussain, but by fighting with her. If only fighting can make a girl look good, then every man would be a fashion expert.

4-Lower caste Hindus were uplifted by Islamic rulers: In the scene where Aslam Khan tries to sell weapons to Katappa, impressed by the bravery of the latter, Khan invites to work with him. But Kattappa denies and desires to live as slave to people from upper caste. This is a double entendre – one that Muslims tried to uplift lower caste Hindus which is now being altered in history books by fringe saffron elements and second, the cruelty of caste system in Hinduism. This solves the mystery of why Katappa killed Baahubali – it was a natural reaction to systematic oppression for thousands of years.

5-You can win an army four times its size even with poorly equipped ammunition: All through the movie, Sivu and his doppelganger father Baahubali, break the arrows and swords of the Mahishmathi kingdom. But they face the war with similar ammunition and similar set of infantry and win it. This is a gentle reminder to our defense skeptics out there who blame our weaponry shortage. Not only this, Mahishmathi’s army follows a strategy codenamed Operation Trishul. No marks to person who can search Operation Trishul in Google and relate the targets in both.

6-When someone invades your place, shut up and get killed: Baahubali and BallalaDeva tried to show off their 56-inch chest by trying to kill the Kalakeya king, but they lost a lot of their people in the battle. Imagine the widowed wives of soldiers and orphaned children. Do they really need such offensive? If only they weren’t fueled by the current surging Hindutva ignited by the likes of Swamy, Batra and Rajiv Malhotra, they would have stayed within their forts and welcomed the invading armies with open hands and necks. History would have been easier, with future school students of Mahishmathi not wasting their brain space by reading much about Baahubali or Ballala.

7-You can kill an endangered species and still remain a Hero: In the introduction scene of BallalaDeva, he fights and kills an endangered species, or atleast, we can say it is. Even after he kills it in open view, the ministers applaud his act and praise him. If Ballala was ever tried in a court for this crime, we can be sure that BallalaWood (Mahishmathi’s film industry) would have backed him and even would have bought his brand garments – ‘Being Balls’.

8-Only Upper class Hindu males Baahubali and Ballala grow in size, while women shrink: Avanthika is slim and tired, Devasena is tortured, Sivagami is chasen away and killed. But, Baahubali, Ballala and other upper class men in the kingdom grow into six feet hunks. Is this not something that Christine Lagarde must be worried of? Happens only in Modi’s India.

9-Proof that Sivu is a BJP agent: In the statue installation scene, the frenzied crowd chants Baahubali name instead of Ballala, whose statue is being raised. The chant was initiated by Sivu and by the similar modus operandi, it is clear that he had followed the footsteps of BJP. Remember the rally where people chanted Modi’s name, when Hooda was speaking. Clear proof that Sivu is a BJP agent sent to confuse aam aadmis of Mahishmathi.

10-Baahubali’s character is inspired from Rahul Gandhi: Baahubali is sympathetic of the poor, eats food with lower class people (Katappa), unmarried till he is married, has beard and is the son of the empress. The director himself has not said that ‘Baahubali is a reel life image of Rahul Gandhi’. But we don’t need much brain to guess it. By the way, we already knew that Rahul Gandhi is Batman.