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After Tesla Truck, Elon Musk starts work on bulletproof Tesla Cycle, says inspiration came from Bollywood movie 

13, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

After unveiling the hugely popular Tesla truck, tech entrepreneur Elon Musk is all set to introduce to the world his latest offering- the bulletproof Tesla cycle. A prototype of the cycle is currently being tested and will be showcased next week at the Tesla event.

Surprisingly the cycle has an India connection. While speaking to Faking News, Elon said how he was inspired by a bollywood movie, “I was watching this Indian movie starring Mithun and there was a shooting scene where he was shown taking cover behind a cycle. And very convincingly he managed to dodge all bullets. That is how I got an idea of a bulletproof cycle. We have even bought the rights of the movie just in case. Currently it is in the testing phase and will be unveiled to the world very soon.”

Elon also marveled at the Indian ingenuity and called not just the engineers but also movie producers as ‘next level’ in their creative thought process.

Meanwhile, the cycle has already generated curiosity amongst Tesla fans. The Tesla Cycle has received 20,000 bookings before launch. Many even say that they don’t care about the price and bulletproof features as long as it is a Tesla.