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The Lunchbox effect: housewives request Dabbawalas to commit more mistakes

21, Sep 2013 By Vipul K Rawal

Mumbai. The office bearers of the Dabbawala Union were left flabbergasted today after they were visited by a delegation of NWWA (Neglected Wives Welfare Association) not to be confused with Navy Wives Welfare Association even though they have retained the same acronym.

“These housewives wanted us to lose our Six Sigma rating, and be as efficient as any government organization,” secretary of the Union Ghule Bhau told this reporter, “They were inspired by the recent movie The Lunchbox.”

The Lunchbox
You too can cook this love story

The aforementioned movie shows a Dabba (lunchbox) being delivered to a wrong recipient, which ends up in a beautiful romance and affectionate moments between a neglected housewife and a widower.

Apparently, this has given hope to scores of neglected, bored, and desperate housewives, who think that it was their best route to find a soul mate; they have been instead wasting time placing ads on Quickr and Olx or trying Facebook.

“They have given up on their husbands and on those websites were they could only find fake profiles of AC mechanics masquerading as Vice Presidents of companies,” Ghule Bhau told Faking News.

“They want us to help with what they and their parents couldn’t do – find true romance,” Gule added. “True Romance or True Love?” this reporter asked, to which Ghule said, “I think they said True Romance.”

Romance or love, Ghule claimed that he tried to discourage the women.

“First, we can’t destroy our service quality just because of a movie. That’s something superstars do,” Ghule said, “And secondly, the probability of a misplaced Dabba reaching a dream man was as good as an Indian movie winning Oscar. So I told them it was not worth the effort.”

Apparently the women still insisted, Ghule tried to show them the side effects. “What if it reaches some guy from the underworld?” he said, to which a woman allegedly named Monica said, “Wow! Please do that!”

Frustrated and angered by their illogical demands, Ghule Bhau is reported to have told the women to ask their husbands to shave off mustaches and buy sunglasses, and they will have Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi right at their doorsteps.

Meanwhile unconfirmed sources tell Faking News that some men in their late 30’s and early 40’s have been making frequent visits to Railway Stations to find a soul mate, as it happened in so many movies.