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I think its a historic decision, every CAB driver should provide bill to customer: Ananya Panday

10, Dec 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. The CAB bill was passed in the Lok Sabha and Anany Panday is too happy. She thinks that every citizen of India should be allowed to ask for a proper bill from the CAB drivers. She has never used cabs but does feel the pain of a common man after he/she doesn’t receive the bill.


Amit Shah on Monday introduced the controversial bill in Lok Sabha, where it was passed with 311 members favoring it and 80 votings against it, will now be tabled in the Rajya Sabha for its nod.

Amit Shah, while introducing the bill, had made it clear that people belonging to any religion should not have any fear. Ananya Panday who has a comment or take on all important issues also advised the Home Minister to make it mandatory for all Kaali-Peeli taxis in Mumbai to have a small bill printing device inside the cab so that they can easily print the bill and give it to the customers.

Ananya also wants to take a cab ride in the future with fellow star kids Shanaya, Alia, and Suhana. She has also called reporters to capture the occasion where she will ask for a bill from the Cab driver.