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Tired of correcting mistakes, proofreader of The Ashutosh's books demands royalty

27, May 2015 By sailorsmoon

Noida. In a first of its kind of instance, the proofreader of The Ashutosh’s latest book has demanded royalty and that be his name be published as writer on the book written by the famed AAP leader. The proofreader claims that he has corrected so many spelling/grammatical mistakes that the book entirely belongs to him.

The proofreader named Ketan Bhagat says when he first received the manuscript he mistook it for some ancient puzzle, but to his horror he was told it is indeed a book written by The Ashutosh and he has to proofread same.

“I first thought of denying this herculean task but since I also had nothing else to do then, I decided to take up this challenge,” he disclosed.

“I the have no moni to pay”

When asked by our reporter what prompted him to claim royalty now when book is already in market for few months, Ketan says he was promised by The Ashutosh that he will add his name as co author but then “I got busy with a dance show that I am ‘allegedly’ judging and never cared to check whether he has kept his promise or not,” he said.

To further cement his claims of correcting number of mistakes that run more than the number of words in The Ashutosh’s book, Ketan also showed a printout of his storified tweets that seemed more like a scribble to our reporter.

While AAP supremo who also happens to be Delhi CM on paper, Arvind Kejriwal, chose to keep mum on the issue, to our written query; The Ashutosh sent a mail which read ‘ Fasicism is rising, Modi sud answer’ that we have sent to our experts to decipher.

‘Though we ought to support The Ashutosh on this issue but knowing him very well, there is every possibility what Ketan is claiming is correct,” AAP leader Ashish Khetan said on condition of anonymity.