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To be back in news, Rakhi Sawant picks Spain over Holland

10, Jul 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Having failed to convince (yet) Imagine TV to arrange her second swayamvar and with even Mika not kissing her again, Rakhi Sawant has decided to jump on the prediction bandwagon to get back in news. Like Paul the Octopus and Mani the Parrot, Rakhi Sawant too predicted the winner for the FIFA world cup final by blowing heart shaped little balloons towards bowls representing the two teams.

The bowl with the Spanish flag received the maximum number of little hearts, signifying Rakhi’s pick for the finals.

“These are not balloons; these are my hearts, my real hearts. And my heart has said that Spain will win.” Rakhi announced, with pouted lips and a low neckline top, signifying her transformation into an oracle girl from an item girl.

Pure Rakhi Sawant
No, this is not Rakhi Sawant dressed up as witch

Experts believe that Rakhi has been feeling suffocated after being out of news for such a long time, while her competitor Sherlyn Chopra had been making news around football world cup.

But Rakhi denied such speculations and declared that she had mastered the art of predictions thanks to her faith in the occult, which had led her to dress as a witch for a fashion show. She further informed that she was willing to take up this prediction business fulltime if some television channel agreed to make program out of it and some corporate brand agreed to sponsor the show.

“Britannia Little Hearts is one brand that I can think of, but I’m sure the television people can come up with more options.” Rakhi said, proving that her knowledge and understanding of television showbiz was more than what people were willing to credit her with.

Rakhi is confident of getting some television channel on board after the kind of attention Paul the Octopus received from them and other media outlets after having correctly predicted the results of Germany’s matches during the ongoing football world cup. She is especially confident of convincing a news channel even if her prediction about world cup finals fails.

“They can still show me in the program!” Rakhi said, arguing that accuracy of her predictions were rather inconsequential in so far as producing content for television was concerned.

Sources say that if Rakhi fails to get her second, and possibly third as well, swayamvar produced and broadcast, she may as well start her own prediction show like a pre-match balloon blowing prediction for IPL4 matches or a live television show where she would take in phone calls from people and help them with their queries.