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To come on television, girl decides fast for Rahul Gandhi on Karva Chauth

25, Oct 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Rashmi’s long-standing wish to appear on national television might come true tomorrow as she has finalized a foolproof plan to attract television cameras. The 27-year-old girl, an aspiring television actress, has decided to fast for Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Karva Chauth tomorrow, and hopes that she’d make it to the headlines of all the leading news channels of India.

Karva Chauth is a festival celebrated in north India and Bollywood, where women, and sometimes men too, fast whole day to wish for wellbeing, happiness, success, and longevity of their life-partners. Rashmi has decided to tell declare Rahul Gandhi as her self-appointed husband.

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“I’m so excited!” said Rashmi, finishing her KFC bucket to prepare herself better for the fast, “I’ve already finalized lines that I’d be telling these television reporters. All of them can run the story as exclusive ones.”

Rashmi has never worked in a television news channel, but is confident that her plans will not fail her. Earlier her application was rejected seven times during auditions for various television soaps by Balaji Telefilms.

“They (news channels) even show news stories on how wives in television serials are fasting for their screen-husbands. Do you think they’d even think twice before putting me in the headlines?” a confident Rashmi said.

The struggling television actress has already directed her friends to record all her scheduled television appearances as she plans to use those clips to improve her “portfolio”.

Rashmi is not bothered about social repercussions of her decision, but she expressed fears that other girls, especially those already working in the television or film industry, could be planning on similar lines to be in news.

“No, I don’t think fasting for Rahul Gandhi might have crossed any of those minds,” Rashmi said, “But I’m afraid of other things. Say, Mallika Sherawat fasting for a snake as a last ditch attempt to put some life in her latest movie Hiss. I’m sure that can make national headlines too.”