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To promote his upcoming movie "PK", Aamir Khan to walk naked on railway track from Mumbai to Pune

01, Aug 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. Aamir Khan, who is well known for his unique movie promotional tricks, has decided to walk naked on railway track from Mumbai to Pune, in order to promote his upcoming movie – “PK”.

By covering the distance of 150 km between Mumbai and Pune without clothes, Aamir is hoping to create the same buzz which PK movie poster created after it was released yesterday.

Aamir came up with this out of the box idea of getting out of his clothes while was he staring at his own movie poster to cross check if everything was perfect in it, for the 24th time.

Aamir Khan
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However, PK star flatly refuses that he is using nudity to promote his movie.

“Yes, I know nudity sells, but believe me, I am not using it for cheap publicity,” rued Aamir Khan claiming that going nude was demand of the script. “The man your are seeing the movie poster and the man you will see walking from Mumbai to Pune is not a normal nude person. He is an intelligent nude person.”

As per Aamir, like many of his other films, his character in PK is unique blend of brain & beauty, and a nude poster coupled with nude promotion is the best way to let the world know about him. “There is a difference between nude art and soft porn,” he continued.

Beside movie promotion, by traveling for five days on railway track without taking dump, Aamir is planning to pass a social message too.

“I want to tell the world how bad it is to attend the call of nature on railway track or in open,” said Aamir who has already started preparing for his upcoming dare devil task.

Reportedly, in the Mumbai-Pune trip, Aamir will be carrying the two stereos to hide both front and back portion of his body.

“A crew is going to accompany him, which will take care of him, and will be live tweeting the whole event. So, social media junkies can expect many more nude photos of Aamir to create memes,” revealed a source close to movie Director Rajkumar Hirani, “It will help to make the buzz even stronger.”

Meanwhile, prior to starting his Mumbai-Pune trip, Aamir Khan is mulling to spend some time with a group of Naga Sadhus.