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To shed her image of a dumb girl, Alia Bhatt to play role of a Nobel Prize winner in her next movie

28, Jun 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. In order to shed her recently created-by-social-media image of a dumb girl, actress Alia Bhatt is going to play the role of a Nobel Prize winner in her upcoming movie “Ek Khubsoorat Dimag”.

Sources say that it was Alia’s father Mahesh Bhatt, who, after reading some Alia Bhatt jokes on Twitter, suggested this idea to save her career from going down the same path that Rahul Gandhi’s career went. Not only this, Mahesh Bhatt himself will be directing the movie to make sure the mission is accomplished.

Alia trying her best to look intelligent.

“Bhatt Sahab’s last directorial venture was Kartoos in 1999. But after seeing people mocking her daughter for her intelligence, he couldn’t stop himself from fighting the fascist forces who are making jokes on Alia,” disclosed a source close to Bhatt camp.

Sources tell Faking News that Mahesh Bhatt was expecting a change in Alia’s image after the movie “2 States”, in which she was playing role of an IIM Ahmedabad student, but that didn’t help her as jokes about her continued being shared widely.

In her next movie, Alia will be seen in campuses much celebrated than IIM Ahmedabad.

“Ek Khubsoorat Dimag” is said to be inspired from the Oscar winning Hollywood movie “A Beautiful Mind”, although Mahesh Bhatt says it’s an original concept.

In the movie, Alia will be playing role of a beautiful 22-year-old mathematics wizard of Indian origin working as a professor at prestigious Princeton University, who will become the youngest and the most attractive person to receive a Nobel Prize in Physics.

“Alia’s dialogues in the movie will be all brainy quotes written by Mahesh Bhatt. She will not be uttering even a single word without any profound meaning. So much so that the movie will be promoted as something people with IQ level less than 120 will fail to understand,” revealed a Bollywood insider on the conditions of anonymity.

“Alia is also practicing to smile like Mona Lisa, so even when her mouth is shut, she will appear to convey a complex message,” he continued.

However, to attract the masses, because money making is equally important, a couple of item numbers will be there in the movie. But the lyrics of those item numbers will be in form of mathematical formulae.

Meanwhile, taking a cue from Alia’s initiative, another new comer, Tiger Shroff is planning to play role of a butcher in his next movie to get rid of the criticism which he recently faced for his feminine look in Heropanti.