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Total ‘prize’ money declared to behead Deepika exceeds what Federer has earned in his entire career

21, Nov 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: In the ongoing fight to save India from ‘Padmavati’, many might not have realized, India has created a new record for itself. The total ‘reward’ money declared by various organizations to behead Deepika or burn her alive or shoot her, has exceeded the total prize money Federer has earned in his entire professional career.


While talking to us sports enthusiast and Karni Sena member, Rahul Mehra, said, “It took twenty years of effort for swiss champion to win 95 career singles titles and 19 grand slams to break Tiger Wood’s all-time record. Thereby becoming the highest prize money earning individual in sports history. So, what one needs to do to exceed Federer, pretty simple, just kill someone who did the mistake of signing a movie without knowing it’s ramifications”.

“Yes, I also agree, the person who does this ‘bravery act’ must be considered for India’s highest bravery awards as some ‘fringe elements’ are shouting in 24 by 7 national news channels. Because such records do not come so easily”, said Mr. Mehra

“If Federer is good at something, we are also good at something. Let the whole world know about it, it is our duty to protect our ‘honor’. As we all have guessed or dreamt without seeing the movie, it contains lot of scenes which are distorting, playing with our history”, said Mr. Mehra who feels there is nothing wrong with what’s the ‘fringe’ elements are doing or saying. He has full ‘sympathy’ and ‘respect’ for people who are announcing rewards from their hard-earned lifelong savings.

Historian, Laxman Guha says, “This record is going to stand for a long long time. Because after seeing the fate of the movie, director and actress, no one will ‘dare’ to make a movie like this in future. So, no question of earning this much big money with just one stroke with your sword. By the way, Federer is too old now, so no way he or any other sports person in foreseeable future can come even close to that”.