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Traffic penalty to be a compulsory scene in movies if hero drives bike without helmet

11, Sep 2013 By idiot420

Mumbai. Government has introduced a new rule that makes it mandatory for filmmakers to show the hero getting caught by traffic police in case he is driving a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.

“Actors driving bikes without helmets send wrong message to our society. This results in youngsters imitating their favorite actors and meeting fatal accidents,” claimed Information & Broadcasting minister Manish Tewary.

“Censor Board had suggested putting a mandatory disclaimer like the smoking disclaimers currently displayed when an actor smokes on screen, but research shows that those disclaimers are having no impact, so we asked them to show the hero getting a challan and a few slaps from a traffic police for not wearing helmet,” Tewari explained.

Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3
Socially aware and responsible actor Aamir Khan wearing a helmet to send the right message

As expected, Government’s decision is not being well received by the tinsel town.

“How can you expect a hero to impress the heroine and the audience without showing off his face and stylish hair? And how can he kiss the heroine while wearing a helmet?” told eminent filmmaker Ganesh Bhatt.

“Many times it happens that a hero has to chase villains and he has no time to search and wear a helmet. And in case he doesn’t find any helmet, he would be caught in midway by traffic police and get slapped. Nobody gonna watch such movie,” he added.

However, some filmmakers and actors are not too worried.

“I think I’d get a lot of roles as a hero who gets slapped by traffic policeman,” said Tusshar Kapoor welcoming the decision. KRK too is hopeful of getting a lead role of an actor getting slapped by policeman, while Rohit Shetty is not concerned as he had always preferred cars over bikes.

But Uday Chopra is crestfallen. His lifeline Dhoom series is all about bikes.

“If Uday wears helmet, he won’t get noticed at all,” Uday Chopra’s assistant (yes, he has one) told Faking News, “I guess we’d get him slapped in Dhoom 3. Fortunately, we have got Aamir wearing helmet in the trailer.”

While social activists have welcomed government’s move and demanded more such measures, the most biting criticism came from filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma.

“Are we supposed to make movies or Bharat Nirman ads, where everything is perfect?” RGV said.