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Trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro expired so we had to use MS Paint: Gowariker on Mohenjo Daro’s uninspiring visual effects

21, Jun 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Director Ashutosh Gowariker who released the trailer of his much awaited movie Mohenjo Daro, faced a lot of flak on social media for historical inaccuracies as well as below average visual effects of his magnum opus.

Mohenjo Daro facing flak for its visual effects even before release
Mohenjo Daro facing flak even before release

The Lagaan director who hoped to get positive response to the trailer was had to face a barrage of criticism after viewers panned the average looking ‘special effects’ of the movie. The makers of the movie however said that they had done everything possible to make the movie visually appealing but did agree  that it could have been better.

Ashutosh Gowariker himself spoke to the media, trying his best to justify the uninspiring visual effects of Mohenjo Daro. “I know many of you who watched the trailer weren’t impressed with the depictions. But given the tight budget that is the best we could have done. We hoped to complete the post production on 30 day trial version of Adobe Premier Pro. But with Hritik-Kangana controversy, things got delayed and we had to use MS Paint,” said Mr. Gowariker.

When questioned about historical inaccuracies he said, “We absolutely had no time to do all the research. Much of what we read about Mohenjo Daro was from Wikipedia and some random tweets. We thought most people wouldn’t be aware of history and took some creative liberties to repackage it. But trust me, when you watch the movie it wouldn’t be too apparent.”

Mr. Gowarikers woes don’t end here. Even before the movie has reached Mr. Nihalani’s chopping board, a bunch of crocodiles have asked the censor board to delete the scene where a crocodile is shown jumping over Hritik Roshan.

“Crocodiles do jump at times, but this ‘free willy’ needs to be edited. Such scenes create inferiority complex among crocodiles. It’s similar to those so called ‘enlargement pill ads’ they show on TV that seek to enhance your manhood. Such unrealistic depiction needs to be curbed,” said a spokesperson for the crocodiles.

Taking cognizance of the flak, producers of the movie have now extended the release date and are also looking at ways to distract the audience from all the inaccuracies in the movie. “Maybe an item number by Sunny Leone might just do the trick,” said a producer who didn’t wish to be named.