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I tried to ‘rewrite’ history in Panipat on Amit Shah’s advice: Ashutosh Gowariker

11, Dec 2019 By sameer mahawar

Director Ashutosh Gowariker broke his silence over the controversies clouting his latest release ‘Panipat’ justifying that he had followed Amit Shah’s advice while directing the movie.


A few Parliamentary sessions ago, Amit Shah had advised historians to ‘rewrite India’s history’.

“This suggestion of his was implemented by me while shooting the movie as there is rarely someone who would challenge his view. I changed few scenes and replaced ‘plots’ with ‘plot-twists’. But this got few communities going and your can see protests happening in some parts of the country. They aren’t being tolerant towards our minister’s advice and are boycotting the movie,” said a teary-eyed Gowariker adding he got caught on the wrong-foot on taking the advice too seriously.

One person from the aggrieved community said, “He had put our ancestors in bad light. Before the release, I thought we would be protesting against Arjun Kapoor only but now even Ashu deserves this fate.”

Our correspondents tried to reach Amit Shah for his comments on the advice he gave on ‘rewriting India’s history’. He replied that he isn’t a movie buff and they should contact Kejriwal for the same.