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TRP of Saas Bahu serials on an all time low as even housewives are watching GOT for meaningless drama

23, Apr 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Game of Thrones premiered another character-driven episode with the second chapter of its final season, leaving fans once again wanting more. While it seems they won’t have to wait too long to get there, with the battle looming in Episode 3.

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But the show has seen reviewers tearing it apart in their columns as it is the most boring season of all. Many say that the drama in the finals eason is comparable to an Ekta Kapoor show. Data shows the same as the TRP of saas-bahu serials are on an all-time low.

We have been watching Indian daily soaps since our childhood. After all, Indian daily soaps are like the thing to worship for the people of India which contains love, emotions, friendship, respect and so on. But if we analyze it carefully then, it shows nothing but a useless thing which can divert people’s mind the wrong way.

And trust me, the GOT final season has everything that a daily sop watcher needs, in fact, more than that. I won’t be surprised if GOT season 8 wins all awards at the Vimal powered manikchand flavored Daily sop awards in India. GOT producers are happy that their writers have unearthed a new market in India and it won’t be a surprise if GOT gives season 9 dedicated to the Indian audience. Fingers crossed!