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Tusshar Kapoor accused of spot-fixing, took money to "underact"

17, May 2013 By jegan

Mumbai. After Cricket, it’s now Bollywood’s turn. In a shocking turn of events, following from the spot-fixing scandal in IPL, Tusshar Kapoor has been caught guilty in a spot-fixing scandal – a first in Bollywood.

Mumbai Police have arrested a bookie Tinda Kumar in a late night raid on his house. He was watching Tusshar Kapoor scenes from the movie Shootout at Wadala and making calls to various people from two dozen different mobile phones when the arrest was made.

He confessed to offering 50 lakhs to Tusshar Kapoor to “underact” for 5 minutes in the movie “Kya Super Kool Hai Hum”.

Tusshar Kapoor
The news has shaken millions of Tusshar Kapoor fans across the world

The entire Bollywood fraternity is in shock and is at a loss of words. Tusshar Kapoor though is apparently still missing and police are on a manhunt.

Celebrities have all gathered in Ekta Kapoor’s house and have offered their condolences to her. Sachin Yardi, the director of the “suspect” movie was quite stunned, “I never ever expected that our Tusshar bhai will be involved in anything like this. For a guy of his stature and talent, no one saw this coming.”

Reitesh Deshmukh, Tusshar’s co-actor in the movie was also a picture of sorrow. “Tusshar is a dear friend. I do remember him being hooked to his cell-phone every time the shoot was over. I believed he must be indulged with his girlfriend. But now I know, it was Tinda the bookie,” rued Reitesh.

Tinda Kumar let out more specific details about the fixing. Apparently, Tusshar Kapoor revealing his butt in a scene was the signal that spot-fixing was to follow. The next scene was the fixed scene.

The police showed the media clippings of that scene during the press conference. Though there weren’t any obvious differences in the scenes shown, they were all equally bad. Police showed further evidence of Tinda and Tusshar exchanging WeChat messages and Twitter DMs.

A very emotional Ekta Kapoor was kind enough to let us know her views: “This is a conspiracy against my brother. He will never do anything to hurt the sentiments of the family or Bollywood. Take a look at the scenes yourself. He has always been that pathetic good. I am sure there is Salman Khan’s hand in this.”

Fellow actor John Abraham was also among the thick of things: “I think it’s time to come out from the shell. I too was initially approached by Tinda to fix a scene in Force. But, it was against my morals. And anyway, it’s hard for me to give more than one expression in my movies. It was just not meant for me.”

In an exclusive, our Faking News reporter managed to catch Tusshar Kapoor on his Skype from an undisclosed location.

“Yes. I did accept money from Tinda to fix a scene in Kya Super Kool Hai Hum. It’s not that I get to act many movies anyway. I wanted to maximize my resources. And I was confident people won’t find out, but alas!” he confessed to his crime.

On being asked about his whereabouts, he said, “I am currently shooting for Golmaal 4, and will surrender once my shooting is over. Even Sanjay Dutt was given time, so I hope police doesn’t waste time in finding me.”

Meanwhile, sources confirm that many other movies are also under the scanner and more arrests could follow. However, some commonly acknowledged kings of Bollywood might not need to worry as “overacting” has not been identified as a form of spot-fixing.