Tusshar Kapoor asks for a mask to join protests, students tell him "don't worry no one will recognize you without mask"

10, Jan 2020 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi. Various right-wing groups and some BJP leaders called for a boycott of Deepika Padukone’s new film in response to her public show of solidarity with students at JNU, where many were injured in a horrific rampage carried out by masked goons on January 5.


Now another great actor Tusshar Kapoor also wants to join the protests. But he wants to play it safe by wearing a mask so that no BJP members criticize him afterward.  He was seen asking the students to lend him a mask which he would have obviously returned after the protests. But Sanil Jain, a JNU student told him there is nothing to worry about as no one would anyways recognize him even without the mask.

Sanil spoke to Faking News and said “Tusshar was worrying for no reason. I have seen multiplexes that show his film and no one there barely recognizes him.  So I told him that protest without a mask just like all other students and I guaranteed him that no will ever come to know that Tusshar attended the JNU protests”

And Sanil was right. According to the Faking News reporters, no news channels have covered Tusshar’s protest attendance and probably no will ever come to know about it.