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TV channel launches Reality Show with unborn babies as participants

09, Aug 2011 By Pagalam Ritam

Mumbai. TV channel “NDTVari Imagine” has decided to host a reality show with yet-to-be born babies as participants. The channel CEO told faking news that the idea was conceived based on a research, which showed that till date, apart from ghosts and embryos, all other kinds of souls have participated in reality shows.

The channel’s initial plan of hosting a reality show with ghost participants had to be scrapped because India TV – the only channel possessing exclusive knowledge about authentic Indian ghosts – refused to cooperate. Besides, since the whole nation is now awaiting the birth of the greatest actor of next to next generation – BigB’s baby’s baby – this concept looked much more relevant.

The show’s participants have already been selected from a group of would be celebrities, next-gen actors, and future strugglers. However, the participants’ genders will be revealed only after the channel receives the reports from the Haryana based pathological labSach Ka Saamna’.

The parents of the participants were elated after getting the news of their babies’ selection.

Pregnant woman
The channel producers expect their TRPs to grow as fast as the babies

“We are excited,” said a euphoric couple, “After this crucial break, he can grow up in ‘Maa Exchange’, have his education in ‘Roadies’, experience his first love at ‘Splitsvilla’, break up in ‘Emotional Attyachaar’ and marriage in a ‘Swayamavar’.  To sum up, his upbringing will make him every bit ready to participate in the biggest reality show in Indian television – the Parliament Sessions that they show on the Lok Sabha channel.”

The contestants in the show will be asked to perform several complex maneuvers like somersaults, kicks, rollovers, etc. Their performances will be judged by well-known professional judges like Archana Puran Singh and Anu Malik. The winner will be decided solely by SMS votes hence contestants’ ability to harness public sympathy will remain the most crucial stunt.

However, like the upcoming movie ‘Aarakshan’, the show concept has been rebuked by all the political parties.

The ruling party thinks that the idea is outdated by forty-two years and three months and should have been formulated when the savior of the world was about to be born. The opposition has protested the screening of the show citing it against Indian culture and has asked for the resignation of the channel CEO and the Prime Minister of India.

In other related news, reality show queen Rakhi Sawant was hugely disappointed as her participation in this show was rejected, because neither she was unborn nor she was pregnant. Sources inform that her desire to participate in this reality show could be the reason behind her recent interest in Baba Ramdev.