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TV Reality show judges shocked when contestant had no sad backstory

27, Oct 2017 By AdityaSachan

When Kooleshwar a.k.a Kooly, a final year student of Delhi University took part in upcoming reality show, ‘Roadside Singing Dance Chef Boss’, everyone was hopeful of him performing well in final round of selection.

Our team witnessed him sing beautiful rap in perfect Hinglish while shaking his legs and making cheese omelette. He was doing wonderful. The dim-star studded judges panel was impressed too. But things changed when he was asked questions after performance.

‘Great performance Kooly, I can feel the positive vibes in your omelette, but you forgot to add salt. Though your dance steps while beating egg did not match the rap. But you can improve on it’, said Judge 1.

Kooly thanked and waited for second Judge to respond, who gave him a standing ovation and said he doesn’t have words to describe anything, as dance seemed like shaking coconut tree, while his omelette tastes like shampoo and he sang like ailing animal, but together everything looked like an art just as this show requires.

The third judge however asked about more important selection criteria, his backstory. And everything messed up. ‘I had a normal life. My family is middle class. My college is average. I don’t know if anything really sad is there in my life’, Kooleshwar said.

On further probing, he denied of any specific incident which makes him sad.

Shocked judges and TV channel producers had nothing but to reject Kooly.

‘Kooly had no violence, no parents pressure, no ailing family members, he also had house to live, no injustice. On what basis we could have selected him. Sure he had talent, but we need a good backstory so we can truly make change in society and obviously stretch our show for a one hour with only 15 minutes of performance.’ said reality show sources.

Kooly is heart broken but still doesn’t feel much sad about it. He has been advised to watch news channels and learn to feel sad.