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TV serial director films a movie; replaces the heroine with another one after the intermission

13, Jan 2018 By RT

Mumbai. A TV serial director films a Bollywood movie; replaces the heroine with another one after the intermission, it is learnt by Faking News. In his previous mega serial he had replaced the lead heroine for a record 5 times, it is further learnt by Faking News.

“The mega serial gives the director complete freedom. I can change the story almost on a daily basis, if I so desire. Also, I can change the heroine on a monthly basis, so to speak. If a character artist does not turn up for the shooting or gives trouble, I can kill that particular character itself. I now carry my command to Bollywood also. If there is a need, I can change the hero in the middle of a fight sequence” Re.Tor told Faking News.


“I like this guy Tor. His serials used to keep us in surprise every week; not due to the twists in the storyline but the change of actors on a constant basis. The viewers gets to compare the nuances in the performances of the previous actor to the current actor. When we heard that he is directing a movie, we are thrilled. Leave alone heroines; think about heroes. How thrilling it would be to see one hero starting a fight and another one finishing it and a third to be living happily ever after” an ardent fan of Tor told Faking News.

Right after the movie announcement, as many as 25 heroes and 50 heroines have applied for a role in the movie. For his next movie, Tor is working on a script for all the Khans of Bollywood act in a sequence, it is learnt by Faking News.