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TV serial ends after showing what happened in last episode and what will come in next episode

16, Oct 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Chirag, a software engineer who has spent last 2 years watching Sambit Patra, Arnab Goswami, Rajdeep Sardesai etc in action, decided to switch to another serial, Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka.


He is very disappointed with the progress in the serial much like his career’s progress in the IT company he is working right now.

“Not sure if the serial’s writers fell sick or something. Last week I saw a ‘new episode’, where the content was, what was shown in last episode and what will come in next episode. Arre bhai, iss episode ka Kya? Only half a dozen brand promotions by Amitabh Ji, to see that I have to pay so much to Tata Sky”, said upset looking Chirag.

During Prime time, Chirag switched from his favorite serial in republic TV to Silsila Badalate … after some of his friends recommended him to check this new age progressive serial with “bold” content on extra marital affairs.

“Mere dost baat karte the, check the chemistry between Kunal, Mauli and Nandini (lead characters of the serial) which comes in various permutation and combination as dreamt by the writers of the serial. Mujhe abhi tak kuch khaas dikhne ko nahin mila”, said Chirag.

He added, “It’s a sad state of affairs. Writers of news channels work harder than our TV serial writers”.

Disappointed Chirag returned to his news watching in less than a week. “Yeh hi achcha hai. At least Arnab ko dekhta hoon jo har din sabk ko pakad ke gali deta rehta hai, Ya Rajdeep jo sabse gali khata rehta hai. Yeh saare innovative hashtag dekh ke lagata hai, kuch toh progress desh mein ho raha hai