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TV shows to celebrate Women’s day by showing Sasur-Damaad fight instead of Saas-Bahu fight

08, Mar 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 8th March is International day of pretending to respect women and just like every year, it is being celebrated with great fervor across India as well. To mark this occasion, Indian TV shows have decided that they will not show any Saas-Bahu fights today.

Aaj ki fight cancel
Aaj ki fight cancel

Saas-Bahu fights are the foundation of every long running TV show in India (except CID, we don’t know what keeps that show running). TV producers and actors have decided that at least on Women’s Day, women in their shows must keep their differences aside and be friendly to each other. “If we don’t respect each other then why will others do it?” asked a TV Saas who was trying to burn her bahu during the previous episode.

To make sure that the viewers don’t miss the negativity quotient and domestic fights, producers have decided to replace Saas-Bahu fights with Sasur-Damaad fights for a day. This news has been welcomed by all the male actors in the industry as well as they will finally get a chance to say some lines on the shows. Generally, male actors in Indian TV shows are used as a piece of furniture that just sits at one place and watches the fights between the female actors.

Speaking to Faking News, one producer said, “This is the least we can do to celebrate the independent spirit of modern women. We can finally show that there is more to women on our shows than bitching and arguing. Sometimes they can sit and watch others fighting as well. This will add a whole new dimension to their personalities and we can portray them as multi-dimensional modern women.”

“We will resume our regular programming from tomorrow after the fights between male characters today. This will act as a good shock move to surprise our audience as well”, the producer said.

When we asked whether audience will accept this bizarre twist in the story line, the producer said, “Bhaisaab even our writer doesn’t pay attention to the story, do you think our audience does?”