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Uday Chopra calls reporter to raise CAB bill issue, reporter sends money thinking Uday doesn’t have money to pay for Cab

30, Dec 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill or CAB, which grants Indian citizenship to the non-Muslims of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, was passed by the Rajya Sabha some days back. Many celebrities and other important figures have given their views on the bill. Uday Chopra, the lead star of the Dhoom series also wanted to convey his opinion on CAB.


He called up a reporter in Mumbai to tell about the CAB bill issue. As soon as the reporter heard the words ‘CAB bill Issue’, she understood that Uday doesn’t have money to take a cab and so she immediately sent some money through an online transaction to Uday. Although at first Uday was really angry with the reporter, he soon came to a relaxed state of mind after looking at the money he had received. He plans to call many more reporters in the coming days and this way he will collect enough money to produce Dhoom 4. That is the plan.

Uday has also advised his other star friends Fardeen, Tushar, and Zayed to use this plan to get money from reporters and put their life back on track. Even the Faking News got a call from Uday Chopra today and we have done our duty by sending him some money.