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Uday Chopra to act in Marathi films after Maharashtra govt makes their screening mandatory during prime time

09, Apr 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Leading film actors’ sidekick Uday Chopra has today announced that he would henceforth star in Marathi films.

Uday, who had announced retirement from acting in films after Dhoom 3’s release, has decided to come out of it and has called his foray into Marathi films as the new innings in his short non-illustrious career.

“I got a lot of fan mails especially from those on Twitter asking me to come back from retirement. So it is for these guys that I have made up my mind,” Uday Chopra told Faking News, pointing to his mentions tab on Twitter.

He is confident Marathi films have never had an actor with Greek-god looks like him.
He is confident Marathi films have never had an actor with Greek-god looks like him.

“I never knew so many stand-up comics and Twitteratis were also my fans. I mean I knew my comic act as Ali in Dhoon definitely had an impact. But never knew it inspired people so much. It’s truly humbling,” Uday Chopra said as his servant wiped tears off his eyes.

But sources close to the actor claim that it was the recent diktat by Maharashtra Govt which made it mandatory for multiplexes to screen Marathi movies in prime time slot, that made Uday Chopra excited and he decided to act in Marathi films.

“Uday’s solo films have always struggled to get any screen space in theatres. And when they have got screen space, they have struggled to get audience. This mandatory screening has given a ray of hope to likes of Uday Chopra about their films getting screened during prime time and also getting audience, with them having no other option,” revealed a guy who claimed to be close friend of Chopra scion, though Faking News highly doubts that.

However with Uday announcing his foray into Marathi films, the Maharashtra Govt now doubts if its original purpose of ensuring revenue to Marathi Cinema has been defeated.

Meanwhile many renowned Marathi film directors have gone underground, fearing being approached by Yash Raj Films to launch Junior Chopra.