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Unable to take a selfie, Raavan sues Samsung; advised to use panorama assist

05, Apr 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Sone Ki Lanka.  King of Lanka, Raavan has filed a lawsuit against the largest (screen sizes still growing till reports last came in) smartphone manufacturer Samsung because he could not take a ‘Selfie’ using the brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 even after several attempts.

Sources tell that earlier Raavan had tried taking selfie from Apple and LG phones also, but to no avail.

“Life is not easy dude”

When Shaitaan Khopdi™ asked why he specifically chose to sue Samsung and not Apple or LG, he angrily replied, “Because of their tagline. Apple says Think Differently so I looked for different phones in market. LG says Life’s Good, and I agree that life is indeed good when you are the king of Sone ki Lanka.”

“But Samsung says Designed for humans, so it should work for me too. I am also a human being with 10 times more grey matter. I tried zooming out but it did not help. Even with landscape mode I could include only 5 of my 10 heads. Technology sucks these days! Raavan added.

“Most celebrities take their selfies and share on social media. Even head of state like Obama took a selfie that got re-tweeted millions of times then why can’t I? I am not only a head of state; with 10 heads on my shoulders I can easily be called state of heads, the lankapati fumed.

Samsung, which was rattled by lawsuit from Apple earlier, tried desperately to avoid any more legal tangles. Their support engineer has suggested Raavan to try out 180 degree panorama feature to take the ‘selfie’.

Raavan initially refused to use any feature that includes the name ‘Ram’ (panoRAMa). He later issued a statement saying his refusal to try out panorama should not be seen with secular vs communal lenses. Finally he tried panorama assist and was reportedly satisfied with the outcome.

But all hell broke when he finally uploaded is selfie with 10 heads in it. People started poking fun at it calling it world’s first selfie which is actually a ‘Usie’.

Sources tell Faking News that this is not the first time Raavan is complaining about phones. He often struggles while talking on phone. He can listen through right ear of first head and left ear of tenth heads.

“Imagine how complicated it gets when my 7th head tries to talk personal matters with Mandodari. He has to go through 10th, 9th and 8th heads. Privacy naam ki cheez hi nahi reh gayi,” explained visibly embarrassed Lankesh.

When we contacted Samsung, they told that support has suggested Raavan to use Bluetooth headset or Google glass with each head to avoid such situations in future.