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Unable to understand Inception, IIT aspirant kills himself

21, Jul 2010 By Tanul Thakur

New Delhi. Christopher Nolan’s recently released mind bending sci-fi movie Inception has opened to rave reviews by critics and has triggered a lot of discussion amongst the movie lovers, but little did anyone know that this movie would end up claiming the life of a 17 years old IIT aspirant. Wednesday was a sad day for the Verma family when the youngest member of the family Gopal committed suicide because he wasn’t able to understand Inception completely even after watching it for seven times, three times in his dreams.

“Gopal was waiting for this movie ever since he saw the first teasers on YouTube six months back. He went to the movie theatre with his notebook and took copious notes too. But, then I don’t know what forced him to take such a drastic step,” said his father, Ram.

A poster of the movie Inception
Many people suffering from insomnia have shown new urges for treatment after watching Inception

“Although he was too old for this kind of gift, but on Tuesday night he demanded a spinning top (lattoo) from me as his 18th birthday gift,” Ram continued, as he wondered what went wrong with his son.

His friend Jaideep added that Gopal had read all the reviews of the movie online and had also updated his Facebook status after watching the movie to “Is this real or am I dreaming? Guys, give me a kick!” which was liked by 7 of his friends.

“I was shocked to hear when an otherwise prude Gopal asked me if I’d sleep with him,” said Urmila, his 12 days old girlfriend. “Only after watching the movie, I am fully able to understand now that he meant dream sharing.”

Gopal, an IIT aspirant, was a student of FIITJEE (Forget IITJEE). He was found sleeping in the last bench on the day of FIITJEE’s All India Test series this Sunday. He committed suicide three days later.

“Gopal believed he could share dream with our invigilator, who is usually sleeping during the tests, to score well,” said Mohit, a FIITJEE student who was present in the same room. “And when I tried to wake him up, he started shouting – no, this is only level two – and to actually convince the rest of the class that it was a dream world, he started climbing on the walls, but only failed each time. The entire class started laughing watching his histrionics.”

“Projection of my subconscious is a loser!” were the last words of Gopal in public, as he shouted back at his laughing classmates and stormed out of the test room.

Faking News found the mood at the FIITJEE Kalu Sarai centre to be quite somber. “We can all understand his frustration. Ever since Inception has released, everybody has gone into a tizzy developing theories of their own. Some professors have even taken extra classes to educate their students about the various interpretations of the movie’s ending,” said Sanjay who has watched Inception only once, and was not interested in watching it again because he was preparing only for AIEEE and Karnataka engineering exams.

Faking News also talked to the topper of the FIITJEE, Karan, with whom Gopal had an intense discussion after watching the movie, “Gopal had gone bonkers after watching the movie, and he didn’t even understand it fully. He was like the fourth level was not Cobb’s limbo, but his dream. I was like WTF dude?”

“But I’m indeed very disappointed that he died, or wait, did he go back to his earlier dream?” Karan wondered.