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Unable to understand Rajinikanth's Lingaa, Christopher Nolan goes into depression

15, Dec 2014 By RamnathShenoy

Chennai. Having carved a niche for himself in making psychological thrillers, ace Hollywood director, Christopher Nolan has gone into depression after he watched the first-day-first-show of the recent Rajinikanth starrer Lingaa.

Having heard about the superpowers of Rajinikanth, Nolan was waiting eagerly for this movie for the last 6 months. When he got to know that the movie was releasing on the 12th of December, he booked discounted tickets on Spice Jet to fly to Chennai and watch it.

Nolan has finally understood pain of his film's viewers.
Nolan has finally understood pain of his film’s viewers

He was baffled to see the response from the viewers as soon as Rajinikanth made his appearance onscreen. It left him wondering if his cast, which boasted the likes of Leornado Di Caprio, Christian Bale, Mathew McConaughey, was good enough.

Nolan had been a witness to innumerable number of heist movies, but when Rajinikanth stole an antique diamond jewelry by just throwing a ball at it, confusion began to creep in.

Having directed the Dark Knight series and having shown the fans how powerful the batmobile could be, Nolan was awestruck when Rajinikanth chased down a high-flying parachute with his Pulsar, that too having a Chennai registration number.

The precision with which Rajinikanth made the jump on the parachute and the accurate speed with which he came down the parachute, made Nolan want to go back to his maths and physics books.

When Rajini was finally able to kick a bomb safely into water just before it could blast, the crowd was relieved but Nolan had enough of it.

He had lost track, long while ago. He was unable to comprehend what was happening. Nolan even pinched himself a couple of times during the course of the movie. He had read about people undergoing similar feelings after watching his movies.

Unable to bear the guilt of giving such pain to the viewers and unable to understand even the basics of Lingaa, sources have confirmed to Faking News that Nolan has gone into depression. It is not known how long it will take for Nolan to be back, but his close friends are of the opinion that only Rajinikanth could get him out of this trouble.