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Unfavorable movie reviews are hate speech, claim Bollywood directors

01, Sep 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Many Bollywood producers and directors have joined hand and come together against the “misuse” of Freedom of Speech by some movie reviewers who ask citizens not to watch a movie because they hated watching it.

These men and women have termed such movie reviews as “hate speech” and have asked the government to ban them under appropriate laws, such as “reasonable restrictions” on free speech or the latest IT laws.

“Just like the government banned some website links and Twitter accounts for spreading hate and rumor, we believe such movie reviews should be banned that spread hatred against selected movies,” Sajid Khan, whose films have often been hated by critics, demanded.

Poster of movie Joker
Internet is filled with hate speech every Friday, claims Bollywood

Sajid claimed that unfavorable movie reviews were fundamentally “hate speech” because the only thing inspiring such a “speech” was the “hatred” for the movie.

“A person hated a movie and he goes on to write that the movie was atrocious and one should avoid seeing it,” Sajid said, “How is that different from someone asking for boycott of a person or a community just because he or she hates that person or the community?”

“It’s a clear case of a person using his personal choices and bias to create a speech that is aimed at impacting others’ thinking, especially aimed at making others hate the object of his hatred – nothing but a form of hate speech,” he argued. Sajid and other directors claim that such hateful reviews impact the “livelihood” and “security” of movie producers and directors.

“Ask Ram Gopal Varma, people have almost stopped watching his movies after all those hateful reviews of ‘RGV Ki Aag’ – the dangerous results of the hate speech are clear and present before your eyes,” claimed Shirish Kunder, whose movie Tees Maar Khan and now Joker have received equally unfavorable reviews.

The protesting Bollywood filmmakers agreed that many movies trashed by reviewers still end up doing brisk business, but they argued that this couldn’t be the basis of not banning hateful reviews by the critics.

“All communities in India still survive despite hate speeches against almost every one of them, that doesn’t mean we allow the hate speeches?” argued Ram Gopal Varma.

On the other hand, the film reviewers and critics insist that their unfavorable result was not any hate speech. In fact, some of them claim that the bad movies themselves were a hate speech.

“We believe that the movies that we hate are inspired by nothing but hatred and contempt for the common sense and intelligence of the masses, and thus the movies themselves are hate speech in first place,” claimed a reviewer.

When Faking News tried to get the view of the government over the issue, we were told to wait till the government bans a movie or a review.