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Upset with Kangana Ranaut’s remarks on Hrithik, Rakesh Roshan casts her in Krrish 4

14, Sep 2017 By itsmihir1993

With the release date of Simran nearing, actress Kangana Ranaut has gone all guns blazing to promote the film by talking about Hrithik Roshan in every event and interview she’s been a part of. Upset with the maligning statements made by her on the Roshans, filmmaker Rakesh Roshan has vowed to teach her a lesson by casting her in his upcoming film Krrish 4.


In a promotional event of Simran, we spoke to Kangana to get an insight of her upcoming film. “Simran is a fiction film because the girl, Simran, doesn’t get emails and calls from Hrithik. The reality is far different because I got a lot of emails and calls from Hrithik after Krrish 3. I was troubled by his father as well, whereas the film character Simran is not. This is all I can reveal about the film at the moment; you’ll have to watch it in a cinema hall to know more,” she said, revealing the plot of Simran.

Immediately after this promotional event, filmmaker Rakesh Roshan announced his upcoming film Krrish 4 starring Kangana, who will be paired opposite villain Viveik Oberoi. “She thinks she can have a couple of hit moves in her bag and talk whatever she wants to. With Krrish 4, I will make sure that she feels ashamed and develops an attitude to accept failure as well,” he said. The filmmaker added that pairing her opposite Viveik Oberoi is the perfect revenge for all the damage she has caused to their reputation.

Actor Hrithik Roshan remained silent on the incident. However, his ex-wife Sussanne Khan was seen defending him at a press brief, “Hrithik is yet to recover from the trauma of Krrish 3, so he won’t be able to talk to the media. However, I know that he is innocent,” she said.

Surprisingly, Kangana signed Krrish 4 despite all the altercations with the Roshans. “Krrish 4 will give me an opportunity to spend more time with the Roshans. I’ll stack up controversies during these moments and use them before the release of all my future films to gain a lifetime of publicity, #CozIHaveVaginaRe,” she said.