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Pissed off with Bigg Boss, court asks government to define who is a “celebrity”

26, Nov 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Responding to a PIL filed by Television Ravaged People (TRP) of India, a local court here has ordered the government to properly define the word “celebrity”. TRP had moved a petition in the court claiming massive fraud going on in the entertainment industry as any damn person would appear on television these days claiming himself or herself as “celebrity”.

The PIL especially referred to the television reality show Bigg Boss, which has seen a slew of so-called celebrities, about whom common people had no frigging clue.

“This is akin to quackery,” petitioner Trast Tripathi, representing TRP, argued about random people masquerading as celebrities, “Just like we have registered medical practitioners to contain quackery, we need certification for celebrities to stop this bullshit on television.”

Bigg Boss
Absolutely no fucking idea who the hell she is and why the hell she is crying

The PIL has been accepted by the court and it has asked the government to respond within a week.

“Honorable court has taken a sympathetic view of the demand that the whole industry of ‘celebrityhood’ needs to be rationalized. The government could even have a valid reason to appoint an industry regulator here,” public prosecutor Agam Kumar Nigam said, “Since many people earn livelihood just because they are celebrities, I think the government can earn revenues through issuing licenses for being a celebrity.”

While most experts do support the idea that the definition of being a celebrity has to be standardized, many of them have opposed the idea of government issuing out any licenses to wannabe celebrities.

“We will only have celebrities like Swami Agnivesh in that case,” an expert warned, “Also, there is a risk that the government, under pressure from the opposition and its allies, could disallow FDI in the celebrity industry, which will mean we will have no Sunny Leone on Indian television.”

TRP too has clarified that it didn’t want any government control. In its petition, it has asked the court to direct the government to define proper parameters, based on which a person could be declared as celebrity, and thus eligible to act like one e.g. abuse each other in public.

“A ‘celebrity line’ on the lines of ‘poverty line’ can be defined,” Trast Tripathi suggested some steps for the government, “I think KRK (Kamaal Rashid Khan) could be that celebrity line.”