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Upset with censor cuts, Anurag Kashyap to release Udta Punjab as a PowerPoint presentation

07, Jun 2016 By wittaminC

Mumbai: Film maker Anurag Kashyap who made his displeasure with Censor Board evident on twitter, today announced that his movie Udta Punjab will be launched as a power point presentation instead of a full length movie.


The movie, which deals with substance abuse in Punjab, has seen has seen copious amount of cuts by the censor board which has rendered it unfit to be called a full length movie.

Sources say that the censor board had indulged in some ‘heavy duty snipping’, post which all that was left were a handful of stills from the movie. “

With the release date just 10 days’ away, producers are concerned about the run time of the movie. “There is hardly anything left after the censor cuts and the presentation won’t go beyond 20 slides including the Welcome and Thank You slide. We don’t have any option other than having an Interval that lasts for an hour,” said a source associated with the movie who didn’t wish to be named.

But Anurag himself was confident about the release and said that pushing the release date was out of question.

Speaking to Faking News he said, “We are looking at other options besides having an extended interval. A couple of No Smoking ads, will play the anthem twice and have a 20 min long Questions-Answer session after the presentation should stretch the run-time to around 90 mins.”

The movie producers were also in talks with Manyawar to have a compilation of their ads to be played during the movie.

Meanwhile, hectic activity was seen at the Udta Punjab camp ahead of the release with the lead actors  seen preparing themselves for the premiere. Shahid Kapoor dressed in formals was rehearsing his lines while Aalia Bhatt was seen changing the slides.