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Used the dropped ‘I’ from the title to cover Deepika’s midriff: Bhansali

22, Jan 2018 By RT

Mumbai. We have used the dropped ‘I’ from the title to cover Deepika’s midriff, the makers of the movie told Faking News. When asked about what is the logic behind such an announcement, Bhansali laughed out loud and said, “The title’s midriff is covered with an additional ‘a’ as well. And absolutely, there is no logic behind anything about Padmaavat, nowadays”


“The censor board is there to ensure that nothing indecent is shown to the Indian public. However, coming up with changes like this, the board is making a decent art work look completely obscene. The lead actress’s midriff is now totally exposed by the censor board and it is completely unacceptable. I feel heartfelt sorry for the female lead of my film. The entire nation owes her an apology” the director told categorically and it makes complete sense for a common man and avid movie goer.

“After the new song has been released, the old version gets millions of new hits on the talks of midriff covered by CGI editing in the new upload. The costume designers had to spent so many hours with the CGI team to make changes to comply with the recommendations from the censor board. From my next movie, we will fire the costume designers and hire a CGI team. It may be easy to make movies like Chhota Bheem with Computer Generated Imagery and shy away from period films” he further expressed his unhappiness.

“We have always thought the censor has recommended only a change in the title. Making the movie makers suffer more with changes in the movie is all that we need to feel good about ourselves. We like the new Ghoomar song. Also, we had liked the old version as well. Still, we oppose the movie and demand for the unofficial ban” a belligerent Karni Sena man told Faking News.

Meanwhile, the censor board has opened a new CGI division to illustrate how it is done, to protect the art form in the country, to the makers of future movies, it is learnt by Faking News.