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UTV Bindass to produce Emotional Atyachaar for children

03, Aug 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. The craze for using children for reality shows has been taken to a new high with UTV Bindass declaring its intentions to conduct loyalty tests and infidelity tests on children for the latest season of its reality show Emotional Atyachaar. The show will perform video sting operations on little kids, who would be suspected of having relationships with other kids by their respective best friends, boyfriends or girlfriends.

Emotional Atyachar
Soon we could see children failing loyalty tests and getting caught on camera

“There have been ‘junior’ versions of various reality shows and we now see children dancing, singing, doing stand-up comedy, and indulging in things that were until now the forte of grown up persons only. We thought time was ripe for producing a junior version of Emotional Atyachaar.” UTV Group chairman Ronnie Screwvala said, who also expressed happiness that Bindass was successfully implementing the channel’s vision of ‘bind’ing ‘ass’es of viewers to their couches through innovative programming.

UTV Bindass has invited applications from kids all over the country who suspect their friends belonging to opposite sex of having close friendship with some other kid, and hence ‘cheating’ them in the process. The channel has also invited applications from willing kids, who could act as ‘decoy’ for the show and conduct the loyalty tests on suspect kids by acting friendly with them.

While the decision of the channel has outraged many adults, some children seem to like the idea.

“I saw Aasha wearing a friendship band given by that fugly Raj yesterday. Only last week I gave her my remote-controlled toy car. How could she even accept that band him?” said a heartbroken 11-year-old Aman, who has been rivaling Raj to woo Aasha for over one year now and was largely believed to have won her over in the last few weeks.

Parents of those children, who are currently rocking various reality shows on television, too have justified the decision of the television channel and have expressed confidence that given a chance, their children would excel in this show too.

“If our society doesn’t have problem with stuff like junior taekwondo championships and under-13 cricket tournaments, why are people so worried when our children take part in reality shows?” asked an angry father of a little girl currently taking part in a television dancing championship, further arguing, “People are plain jealous of our children’s talent and the money they make.”

While the civil society is still debating the merits of the decision, UTV Bindass is giving finishing touches to the preparations for the show. It is rumored that instead of Angad Bedi, the host for the earlier season of the show, the channel will hire his father Bishen Singh Bedi for the junior version as he was better at generating news and hence publicity for the show.

Enthused by these reports, Imagine TV too is reportedly planning to produce a junior version of their Swayamvar series and plotting to get a celebrity kid married on television. But experts believe that they could run into legal troubles.

“No, no, not the Child Marriage Act, that can be taken care of. But Colors TV could sue them as the show could as well be titled Balika Vadhu.” a television lawyer said.