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Ved Pratap Vaidik and Rajiv Shukla were already there on Mars to welcome Mangalyaan: ISRO

24, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

Bangalore. If reports from ISRO are to be believed, Mangalyaan is not the first Indian entity to enter Mars’ atmosphere.

In fact seconds after Mangalyan entered Mars orbit, the cameras on the spacecraft captured Ved Pratap Vaidik and Rajiv Shukla roaming on Mars, thereby shocking scientists monitoring it as those pictures flashed in the ISRO headquarters.

According to sources from ISRO, both had a garland in their hands in what seemed like they were waiting to welcome Magalyaan on Mars.

Vaidik anxiously waiting for Mangalyaan
Vaidik anxiously waiting for Mangalyaan.

“With Rajiv Shukla we weren’t that shocked as he has made a career out of being present everywhere,” a scientist told Faking News and wondered if Shukla was for real or had many clones.

“But with Ved Pratap Vaidik, we were little taken aback as he has a penchant of meeting people abhorred by India and thought for a moment if Indians hate Mars Mission,” he added.

While Ved Pratap used his favorite argument “a journalist can go anywhere” to justify his presence on Mars, Rajiv Shukla credited leadership of Rahul Gandhi and N Srinivasan.

The scientists now rue having wasted money on Mangalyaan mission when they could have simply collected data from these two.

But they are making up for the lost opportunity by asking Rajiv Shukla to help mangalyaan with directions.

“Having spent considerable time with Robert Vadra, he must be having fair amount of idea about local routes out here and could help us with directions,” the ISRO chief argued.

However still recovering from the shock of encountering 2 Indians on Mars, the scientists were further shocked to find a group of Martians running towards the spacecraft.

“We were scared and thought if they were going to attack us but later found out that they had come only to enquire about the well being of one of their own ilk, ie: Ashutosh in India,” a scientist revealed.

“They didn’t believe when we said he was fine and were convinced only after we showed them few tweets of the AAP leader,” he further disclosed.

Meanwhile Hafiz Saeed has contacted Ved Paratp Vaidik to help out Pakistan with their Mars Mission which they plan after Kashmir mission.