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Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi to start Indian Bhagoda League in London

10, Mar 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

London: Former Cricket administrator Lalit Modi and former Billionaire Vijay Mallya have joined hands to start their new venture in London, Indian Bhagoda League. Both of them are currently absconding from India and enjoying a luxurious life in England.

Mallya whispering his plans to Lalit Modi
“Partners in crime?”

As per the formal announcement made by IBL, this will be a T20 cricket tournament where all the teams will be owned by people absconding from the law.

Making the announcement, Mr Lalit Modi said, “After I started IPL, many people followed suit and now the world is flooded with T20 leagues. There are T20 leagues for every age group, in every country so we had to do something different. Differentiation is very important in this market. That is why we have come up with the idea of only absconders owning the cricket teams in this league. This will get us the publicity we need to make this league popular.”

“Two of the owners will obviously be me and Mr Mallya while we are looking for other potential partners. You don’t have to be running away from Indian law to be considered. We are treating people from Mumbai underworld and dictators from MENA region equally here”, Mr Modi explained.

When we asked whether they will get players to play in this league, Mr Mallya, who was also present there said, “We will only be recruiting the players who have been banned for match fixing or who have been banned from bowling by ICC for suspect action. All absconders and criminals will be welcomed here; We will be the bad boys of the cricket leagues.”

Further, Mr Mallya said, “With such a great idea, we are hoping to attract huge investment of black money from people interested in owning a team here. With all that money coming in, maybe I will finally be able to do what I should have done.”

When this correspondent asked Mr Mallya whether he means he will pay back his loans, he refused and said, “Oh no, forget the loans. I meant I will be able to party day and night with all that money. Currently I can only afford to party every night.”