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Vijay Mallya applies for 1,000 Crores bank loan to fight his court cases for loan defaults

09, Mar 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

New Delhi: Beleaguered King of Good Times, Vijay Mallya, has today stunned the banks once again by applying for a bank loan of 1,000 Crores to fight the court cases initiated against him by the banks.

Vijay Mallya
Vijay Mallya waving goodbye to the banks as he leaves India

This comes a day after a consortium of PSU banks had moved the SC seeking direction that Mallya should not be allowed to leave India as they claimed he owed them over Rs 9,000 Crores.

“Yeah, of course they will have to loan me money. Do you know how much the high profile lawyers charge? The bloody Zero-Loss Kapil Sibal adds a zero to the bill every time he has to set foot in the court. So it is only fair that I be given a huge loan to fight these court cases,” said Mallya.

Further explaining his need for a loan, Mr Mallya said, “I am not a student at JNU who can afford the best legal defense in the country, I am just a Multi-Millionaire. How can I prove that I am innocent if I don’t hire the best lawyers? I hope banks will consider my situation and extend this loan.”

Vijay Mallya even pulled out the customary victim card saying that he is being targeted because he is just an Aam Aadmi and banks are always harassing the small borrowers while the big borrowers are left untouched. “If I can borrow big enough amount from the banks, maybe they will leave me alone as well”, Mallya said.

When asked if he has any collateral to offer for the loan, Mallya said the ‘Idea of India’ that lent him huge loans from Public Banks is his real collateral and it’s worth more than any money the banks could offer. “One also has to be a secular to understand this. This communal government is forcing the banks to target secular businessmen like me?” he thundered.

Meanwhile, Sitaram Yechury has offered to stall Rajya Sabha for a week in Mallya’s support if he demands Azaadi from at least 5 things in a video clip