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Vijay Mallya offers SBI employees free 'lifetime access' to his luxury yacht in return for exemption from repayment

12, Mar 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Bengaluru: In a bid to get even with SBI, liquor baron Vijay Mallya has offered to give free lifetime access to his luxury yacht for all the employees working for State Bank of India.

“Mallya ready to welcome SBI employees to Indian Empress.”
“Mallya ready to welcome SBI employees to Indian Empress.”

Speaking to Faking News, Mallya said, “I spoke to SBI folks last night. To get out of this loan mess, I tried to strike a deal; Free weekend beer supply for next 5 years in return of my loan forgiveness. They refused the offer straight away and instead, demanded free tea supply by our calendar girls at 4PM everyday.”

“My calendar girls are my everything, so I had to disagree. I made another offer to them: Free lifetime access to my Indian Empress yacht. They got into a huddle, discussed something and finally agreed to this on a condition that this offer be extended to the whole SBI family across India. I had no choice and gave in to their demand as it seemed better than having to stand in line inside jail, wait for the jailor to serve food and fight with local goons in there,” said Mallya.

As per our sources, SBI employees from across the country have already started packing for high profile weekend boat party slated for this weekend.