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Vijay Mallya spills beer on his passport, remains stuck in Bangalore as new passport application gets denied

06, Mar 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Bengaluru: Business tycoon turned loan-defaulter Vijay Mallya has reportedly spilled beer on his passport during a weekend party in a high profile 5-star Bengaluru hotel, putting in doubt his much awaited UK travel.

Mallya trying to come up with a new way to escape India
Mallya trying to come up with a new way to escape India

This incident happened when Mallya, holding Kingfisher pint in one hand and passport in the other, was experiencing his latest bout of soliloquy.

“Dear passport, you are the reason why I’m still hopeful about my future. Without you, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity of going to the UK where some generous banks have already sanctioned million pound loans to me”, said an emotional Mallya moments before spilling beer on his passport and instantly invalidating it.

Despite having a drenched passport in hand, he didn’t feel nervous like one would expect. However, his confidence turned to nervousness when he found out that Passport authority of India doesn’t want to issue him a new passport till he settles all the outstanding loans of his standing airlines.

“What if I applied for a new passport with Parajay Mallya as my name? I’ll create sensation in media that I’m the long lost brother of Vijay. If not everyone, some part of media will surely believe it and end up supporting me. They even believed that an 18 yrs old girl has been selected by NASA over a phone interview. Also, hashtags like #SaveParajay could trend on Twitter. All of this will put pressure on the centre and that’s how I’ll get  my new passport”, Mallya told this correspondent.

As per our sources, the banks which had him in top defaulters list already possess color copies of Mallya’s passport and don’t feel perturbed as they are all set to move Supreme Court in the matter of their accusation on the king of good times.

Meanwhile, The ministry of external affairs has rejected Parajay’s application as the SBI cheque attached for fees payment bounced.