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Entertainment reporter and Sports reporter come to blows over who gets to cover 'Virushka wedding'

12, Dec 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Unless you are living under a rock at the bottom of the Indian ocean, you will know that the most high profile wedding of the year took place yesterday in Tuscany, Italy. Indian Cricket captain Virat Kohli tied the knot with Bollywood diva Anushka Sharma and every reporter is keen to cover this historic occasion. A major news story plus a trip to beautiful Tuscany has made this a very attractive assignment for every reporter. Such is the desperation that the sports reporter and the entertainment reporter of a local digital media outlet came to blows over who gets to cover this wedding.

Virat Kohli Anushka

The incident happened when both were busy making the case for themselves in front of the editor of the media outlet. While sports reporter was convinced that he should be covering it since Virat is the most high profile sportsman in the country, entertainment reporter refused to back down saying Anushka is one of the leading Bollywood actresses so he should get this assignment. Tensions escalated when the sports reporter was told to concentrate on ISL and India-Sri Lanka series by the entertainment reporter. As per sources, sports reporter totally lost it when his peer told him to cover yet another India-Sri Lanka match instead of going to Tuscany.

Office security had to be called in to separate the two individuals who were still abusing each other when reports last came in.

Meanwhile, the editor himself has gone to Italy to cover this wedding personally. “This was the only way to ensure harmony in the office. If I had chosen one of the two guys fighting, other one would have felt bad so I sacrificed for the sake of the team and came to Italy personally”, the editor told Faking News over the phone.