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Virat playing well in Anushka's presence to make BCCI allow girlfriends on foreign tours: Sources

12, Nov 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. If sources close to Indian vice captain (and captain for the current series against Sri Lanka) Virat Kohli are to be believed, Kohli’s recent surge in performance has a lot to do with presence of actress Anushka Sharma in the stadium.

Of late, Kohli has been going the extra mile while practising and performing on the field just to ensure BCCI never bans entry of girlfriends on a foreign tour again in future.

“After reaching half century during 3rd ODI against Sri Lanka in Hyderabad, Kohli deliberately raised his bat in direction of Anushka as if trying to bring BCCI’s attention towards her,” disclosed Raina, who continues to remain close to whoever is the Indian captain.

Kohli intends to do this every time he does something spectacular on the field.
Kohli intends to do this every time he does something spectacular on the field.

While all the TV cameras were on the Bollywood actress, no one quite noticed how the rest of the team was looking even more cheerful and happy than Anushka.

“Obviously they were happy that Kohli scored,” a source told Faking News, “But they were happy because now everyone’s girlfriends and wives would be allowed to travel with them.”

BCCI too is reported to be considering lifting the ban on wives and girlfriends on foreign tours after seeing Kohli’s performance.

“Kohli’s lack of form in England must be due to other reaons. Anushka surely is not the reason,” a BCCI official confirmed after watching posters of PK Kohli’s innings.

“Well if he succeeds, we will at least be able to register one test win in Australia,” he explained why BCCI could indeed allow Anushka to board the flight overseas.

“And for a change, we may even see Kohli blowing flying kisses to Australian crowd at stadium instead of showing middle finger,” he added cheekily.

Dhoni too hailed Kohli’s efforts and said, “Although Srini.. I mean, BCCI had promised me that Sakshi’s tour plans won’t be disturbed, Kohli has made sure it happens.”