Saturday, 28th March, 2020


Wasn't easy shooting for Heropanti with that suit on, didn't get a chance to show off my body: Tiger speaks of his struggles

28, Feb 2020 By jojo

The first look of Heropanti 2 has been reveled and it didn’t take social media to start trolling the movie for ‘being inspired by hollywood’.

heropanti final

Netizens called the latest installment of Heropanti  a shameless rip-off of the Keanu Reeves starer John Wick. Images of both movies juxtaposed to show similarities, were widely shared. Many even called out bollywood for taking the easier way out by blinding copying movies.

Tiger Shroff however said that shooting for the movie won’t be easy that that he will have to struggle at lot. “Everyone thinks that it is a cakewalk for me. But that is so not true. I will have to wear a suit in the movie. Do you know how difficult that would be for me. Not getting a chance to show off my body. I spend so much time working on my body and I don’t get to flaunt it, now that is a real struggle. More than anything, it will test my mental fortitude,” he said in a candid chat with out reporter.

“Initially the entire idea was very depressing. But director Ahmed promised that he’d include scenes where the bad guys rip the suit off my body and I get to flex my muscles. This scene would be 100% original. Those accusing us of copying John Wick take note,” he added.

Sources say that Disha Patani was supposed to be a part the  movie but she backed out for because she too was asked to wear a suit. “I have a toned body and I like showing it. They were asking me to wear a suit instead of a bikini, I couldn’t come to terms with that. So I have chosen to not be a part of it,” the actress said while speaking to our reporter.

Apparently, director Ahmed doubled her remuneration for the movie, but that too didn’t not cut ice with Disha. “I have an allergic condition and I cannot wear too many clothes. So unless they get rid of that suit, I am out,’ she said in an assertive tone.