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Watched Arnab's debate before shooting every battle scene to get into aggressive mode, reveals Kangana

28, Jan 2019 By @jurnoleast

Riding high on the success of her movie, the Manikarnika star revealed how fiery news-anchor Arnab Goswami’s debates helped her prepare for the battle scenes. Though the actress made it look effortless, there was substantial amount of preparation that went into each scene before it was shot.


“For the battle scenes I was expected to be belligerent. There were times when I just couldn’t get it right. Even the war cry failed to create any impact. We had to re-shoot many scenes because they just didn’t look worthy of a battle,” Kangana candidly admitted.

“But then one day I saw Arnab’s debate and to tell you honestly I was all pumped up. Almost picked up my sword and was ready to slay anyone who came in front of me. A few unit members had to hold me down before things went ugly. But at that moment I realized how we could use the debate clip to send everyone into aggressive mode for the war scene,” she added.

Apparently, the crew got giant screens installed and debates were screened just before the cameras rolled to shoot the battle.

“The image of Arnab screaming on the big screen got everyone wild and ready to fight. No wonder the audience loved the movie. Such was the effect of Mr. Goswami that we had a hard time controlling the crowd even after the Director screamed ‘cut’. If possible I would personally like to thank him,” said Ankita Lokhande while speaking to our reporter.

Ecstatic with response the move has got, the producers are now planning to have Arnab’s name in the opening credits under ‘Special Thanks To’.

When prodded for a response the fiery news anchor was his modest self and with a hint of embarrassment said that he was just doing his job. “Instead of watching my debates if they would have offered me a role in the movie, that could have probably worked better,” Arnab said.